You sit there in your heartache, waiting for some beautiful boy to - save you from your old ways. Just like you imagined…when you were young.

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1,2,3,1,2,3 Drink.
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Have you ever wondered what it could be like…

I was after…something you couldn’t give me.

The saddest part is I knew it all along and so did you.

“If I wake and you’re here still…give me a kiss.

Don’t wake me up.”

I remember how I would miss you even though you were right next to me because I didn’t want you to leave.

Now I learned what to avoid.

(Random thoughts everywhere. Lyrics everywhere. Tonight I’m missing you. This is so wrong. Wtf. Can’t help it. Oh wells.)

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Well I spilled it today. Although I don’t know your real reaction since it’s through text, I hope we will still be friends or just chill like we do. Something about you pulls me back every time but it was time to let go. Ugh such a guilty feeling. We always want the things we can’t have.

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Chandelier - Sia

Everything about this song is awesome.

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